You have the power to give your low-risk patients a chance at superior* outcomes by guiding them to a Heart Team for a TAVR evaluation

Click each member of the Heart Team for details on the role and perspective of each specialist in evaluating patients and performing TAVR procedures.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

With the partnership of the interventional cardiologist, the cardiothoracic surgeon will determine which patients may be considered candidates for TAVR. For certain TAVR procedures, the surgeon will take the lead on the TAVR procedure.

Valve Clinic Coordinator

The Valve Clinic Coordinator (VCC) facilitates each step in the TAVR process and supports patients during this challenging time. The coordinator serves as the primary point of contact to help patients and caregivers navigate the care process from the time of referral through follow-up care, and ensures streamlined communication among a specialized Heart Team, the patient and the referring physician(s).


The anesthesiologist will work to provide sedation during the procedure as well as provide post‑procedure care.

Referring Cardiologist

The Cardiologist will most likely be the first specialist you are referred to after a visit with the primary care physician. The cardiologist will confirm the diagnosis of severe aortic stenosis (SAS). If aortic valve replacement is required, you may be referred to a specialized Heart Team.

Imaging Specialist

Imaging specialist conducts procedures that aim to provide the most accurate view of heart valves from diagnosis to post-procedure.

Interventional Cardiologist

Interventional cardiologist specializes in catheter-based heart procedures and will work with the cardiothoracic surgeon to determine the right candidates for TAVR.

* The PARTNER 3 TRIAL, SAPIEN 3 TAVR proven superior to surgery on the primary endpoint all-cause death, all stroke, and rehabilitation and multiple pre-specified secondary endpoints.

Use this tool to find the nearest Heart Team for a TAVR evaluation.

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