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Many of your patients have never heard of aortic stenosis (AS). They look to you to monitor their heart health, know the signs of disease progression and when it is critical to take action.

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Severe Aortic Stenosis is progressive and deadly

Over time, the flexible aortic valve becomes stiff and immobile due to calcification, lipid accumulation, and inflammation. The result: The heart must pump harder due to narrowing of the valve opening and obstructed blood flow.

Auscultation by a family doctor is an important step in discovering AS

Heart Sound: Severe Aortic Stenosis

Listen to heart of patient with a severely diseased aortic valve.


Heart Sound: Normal Heart

Listen to heart of patient with a healthy aortic valve.


Symptoms to look for:

Shortness of breath in exertion
Decreased exercise tolerance
Swollen ankles and feet

Aortic Stenosis needs to be treated in a timely manner

According to a study of patients who received TAVR, the mean wait time was 144 days.3

In this study death occurred in 14% of patients at one year.3

Additionally, with each week of week of waiting there was a 2% increase in 1-year mortality.3

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