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How do I know if TAVR is right for my patient?
The FDA has expanded the indication for SAPIEN 3 TAVR to include patients with symptomatic severe aortic valve stenosis at low surgical risk. Now, you can help guide your severe aortic stenosis patients to the less invasive option, independent of risk.1,2
How will TAVR benefit my patient’s quality of life?
Research has shown that patients who undergo the less invasive TAVR procedure have improved health within 30 days of their procedure. Within 12 months of TAVR, patients experience significant improvement in performing daily activities (working, showering, walking).2-4
What is the durability of a TAVR valve?
While the durability varies with each patient, transcatheter heart valves show robust durability data with less than 1% reintervention rates for structural valve deterioration through 5 years.5
How can I find a TAVR hospital near me?
You can search for a TAVR hospital and view details about each listing here.
What if my hospital or Heart Team cannot accept any more patients (i.e., they're at full capacity)?
Don't wait to refer for an evaluation. If the nearest TAVR Hospital is at full capacity, check other TAVR Hospitals for availability.

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