With so much at stake, there is no room for compromise. Edwards SAPIEN 3 TAVR helps you:

Deliver outcomes you demand


death or disabling stroke at 1 year in low risk patients1

Perfect the pathway through efficient procedures


of patients discharged the next day2*

Control for the future to continue to meet the emerging needs of new patient populations


successful post-TAVR coronary access (68/68 patients)3

*Study includes both SAPIEN XT and SAPIEN 3 valves.

The valve designed to meet your Higher Standard.

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*The PARTNER 3 Trial, SAPIEN 3 TAVR proven superior to surgery on the primary endpoint all-cause death, all stroke, and rehospitalization (valve-related or procedure-related and including heart failure) and multiple pre-specified secondary endpoints.

Clinical Study


patients studied in Edwards clinical trials

Real world experience


patients treated worldwide with Edwards TAVI valves

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