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New PARTNER 3 trial 5 year data

Data from the PARTNER 3 trial continues to prove the Edwards SAPIEN 3 platform is the choice for lifetime management – from the index procedure and beyond.

  • Life: The only transcatheter heart valve with 1% death or disabling stroke at 1 year
  • Time: The only transcatheter heart valve with 90% survival at 5 years
  • Management: The only transcatheter heart valve with a THV-in-THV indication*

*For patients assessed at high-risk for surgical replacement.

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Edwards SAPIEN platform: The move for lifetime management

Your strategy for lifetime management starts with the Edwards SAPIEN 3 platform. When the first valve choice matters, the SAPIEN 3 platform is designed to deliver a reliable TAVI experience so patients can live their best lives.1,2,3

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Strengthening your care for patients

Industry experts share the latest interventional techniques and provide their advice on how best to adopt them within clinical practice.

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Edwards Benchmark Program

Our program may support your heart centre in optimising its transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) care pathway for better patient outcomes.

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Explore case recordings, expert-delivered educational videos on procedural challenges, tips and techniques, peer interviews and more.

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Learning Portal

Edwards Learning Network, an educational portal for healthcare professionals providing continuous learning and development in structural heart intervention.

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Edwards SAPIEN 3 platform

Close up of Edwards SAPIEN 3 Ultra transcatheter heart valve
Edwards SAPIEN 3 Ultra valve

The latest transcathether heart valve in the Edwards portfolio.

Edwards SAPIEN 3 Ultra valve
Close up of Edwards SAPIEN 3 transcatheter heart valve
Edwards SAPIEN 3 valve

The first TAVI valve to receive a CE mark for severe aortic stenosis (sAS) patients at low surgical risk.

Edwards SAPIEN 3 valve
Close up of Edwards SAPIEN XT transcather heart valve
Edwards SAPIEN XT valve

Edwards valve proving non-inferior to surgery on mortality and stroke in the PARTNER IIA Trial.4

Technology and Innovation
Close up of Edwards SAPIEN XT transcather heart valve
Edwards SAPIEN valve

Introduced as a lifesaving treatment option for inoperable and high surgical risk patients.5,6

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Clinical Evidence

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Overview of studies conducted with balloon expandable TAVI valves by Edwards Lifesciences.

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ESC/EACTS VHD Guidelines

Learn how the Edwards clinical trial programme has shaped the aortic stenosis treatment landscape.

TAVI value and optimisation

Uncover the wide-ranging economic and quality of life benefits possible with the Edwards SAPIEN 3 transcatheter heart valve.7

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Upcoming events and past event highlights.

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Useful for you and your patients, including heart anatomy guide, clinical summary PDFs and more.

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