Consistently demonstrating the results you need for the outcomes that matter1,9

The Edwards SAPIEN 3 valve design has revolutionized how we treat severe aortic stenosis today, leveraging decades of Edwards surgical valve innovation and expertise.

Building on a legacy of superior outcomes

Proven in the landmark PARTNER clinical trials

  • Only SAPIEN 3 valve is proven superior to surgery* in low-risk patients
  • 8.5% death, stroke, rehospitalization versus 15.1% for surgery at 1 year*1

*In the PARTNER 3 trial, SAPIEN 3 TAVI was proven superior to surgery on the primary endpoint of all-cause death, all stroke, and rehospitalization (valve-related or procedure-related, and including due to heart failure) at one year and multiple pre-specified secondary endpoints in low-risk patients.

Supported by outstanding outcomes, the SAPIEN 3 platform delivers at 1 year:1








Moderate or severe




Baseline included

Consistently strong outcomes for a variety of patient morphologies:

  • Excellent clinical outcomes in low-risk bicuspid patients2
  • Consistently strong outcomes across indicated annular sizes3

The Edwards SAPIEN platform brochure

When it comes to lifetime management, learn more about how the Edwards SAPIEN 3 platform is designed to deliver a TAVI experience an implanter can count on, starting with the index procedure.

Designed to deliver a TAVI experiencea Heart Team can count on

Edwards Commander delivery system

Predictability and control to meet the increasing complexity of your procedures.4

Instructions for use available on

Edwards eSheath+ introducer set5

Low profile and expandable sheath design

Edwards eSheath+ Introducer set

*16F & 6.0mm for 29mm SAPIEN 3 Valve

No clinical data are available to evaluate the long-term impact of RESILIA tissue in patients. Additional clinical data for up to 10 years of follow-up are being collected to monitor the long-term safety and performance of RESILIA tissue.


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Medical device for professional use. For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events, please refer to the Instructions for Use (consult where applicable).

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