The Edwards Benchmark program is a systematic, evidence-based approach to optimize TAVI

Protocols and best practices
developed to optimize all stages of the clinical pathway: pre, peri, post procedure
Peer to peer learning journey
between program faculties and the Multidisciplinary Heart Teams to determine specific goals and achieve them
Enabling safe and early discharge home, instilling Heart Team efficiency

Edwards Benchmark Program targets 6 meaningful clinical outcomes

1% 30-day Mortality3
1% 30-day Stroke3
1.5% 30-day Major Vascular Complications1
6% 30-day Permanent Pacemaker Implants4
4% 30-day Cardiac Readmissions3
80% Next-Day Discharge Home4
Edwards Benchmark Program targets 6 meaningful clinical outcomes

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Edwards Benchmark program brochure with infographics

Edwards Benchmark program best practices

Risk-stratified case selection and patients'family educ
A more efficient pre-procedure planning
Evidence-based peri-procedural protocols1,2
Achieve excellent clinical outcomes
Standardised post-procedural protocols1,2
Safe early discharge, improved Quality of Life
Bringing together the TAVI community worldwide
Best practice sharing, in pursuit of higher standards and goals
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How TAVI demonstrates excellent patient safety outcomes without additional resource usage

View evidence from the 3M study3

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