Find tips, techniques and case sharing videos to help you with specific procedural transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) challenges in the cath lab.

TAVI in patients with bicuspid aortic valve. Edwards SAPIEN 3 TAVI, a safe and efficient option (1:23:00)

In this webinar first screened at EuroPCR 2021, Dr Philippe Genereux introduces a detailed presentation about growing Edwards SAPIEN 3 TAVI experience in bicuspid aortic valve patients.

The panel discusses how to better understand which patients are best suited to TAVI compared to surgery.

Multiple case studies demonstrate in detail how to implant the Edwards SAPIEN 3 valve in an effective fashion when treating a bicuspid valve to optimise hospital outcomes.

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  • Introduction, by Dr Philippe Genereux (00:00)
  • Current clinical experience using Edwards SAPIEN 3 TAVI in bicuspid aortic valve patients, by Dr Radoslaw Parma (02:00)
  • Bicuspid aortic stenosis (AS). Which patients are indicated for TAVI today? By Dr Joerg Kempfert (09:28)
  • Group discussion (14:49)
  • A case of bicuspid aortic valve, by Dr Didier Tchetche (23:32)
  • Group discussion (32:42)
  • Case Studies: TAVI in a patient with a bicuspid aortic valve type 1 and a large aortic annulus, by Dr Joerg Kempfert (42:44)
  • Bicuspid Aortic Valve Live-in-a-Box: Case presentation 2, by Dr Joerg Kempfert (52:33)
  • Group discussion with shared learnings (1:04:30)

Bicuspid aortic valve — the key differences between bicuspid and tricuspid AS patients (01:03)

Dr Joerg Kempfert case review

TAVI in bicuspid aortic valve live-in-a-box case 1 (German Heart Center Berlin) (21:00)

Dr Joerg Kempfert case review

The typical challenges you face during bicuspid TAVI procedures (01:15)

Dr Joerg Kempfert

Seeing the future for TAVI in bicuspid AS patients? (01:27)

Dr Joerg Kempfert

How to prevent complications during a TAVI procedure in bicuspid AS patients (01:20)

Dr Joerg Kempfert

A presentation from the TAVI Today shared case series from June 2021. Dr Dan Blackman and Dr Sagar Doshi discuss the challenges of screening for bicuspid anatomy. They analyse the different sizing methodologies including ‘the Circle Method’ for supra-annular sizing, to give confidence in sizing and ensure reduced procedural risk when treating bicuspid valves with Edwards SAPIEN 3 Ultra.

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  • A systematic approach to sizing and deployment of Edwards SAPIEN 3 and Edwards SAPIEN 3 Ultra valves in bicuspid anatomy, by Dr Dan Blackman (00:00)
  • Case illustration: Bicuspid aortic valve case presentation, Dr Sagar Doshi (09:26)
  • Live Q&A session, by Dr Dan Blackman and Dr Sagar Doshi (21:48)

At EuroPCR 2020, echocardiographer Victoria Delgado introduces an expert panel that explains the difference between pressure gradients measured by echocardiography and by direct invasive pressure measurements of the aortic valve following TAVI.

The panel proceeds to discuss why these differences occur, what are the short- and long- term implications of these differences, and how we can use this knowledge to avoid patient-prosthesis mismatches.

Jump to specific content:

  • Introduction, by Victoria Delgado (00:00)
  • Are echo-derived gradients important in clinical outcomes after TAVI?, by Prof Philip MacCarthy (03:16)
  • Concordance or discordance between echo-derived and invasive direct pressure gradients? Definitions, evidence and clinical relevance, by Dr Dee Dee Wang (15:37)
  • Echocardiology and invasive hemodynamics for monitoring acute and long-term valve performance: A new paradigm, by Dr David Wood and Dr Janar Sathananthan (26:11)
  • Group Discussion: The group discuss the implications and learnings from their individual presentation (37:07)

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