Edwards Lifesciences at PCR London Valves 2022

Sunday 27 November - 17:30-19:00 (UK time) - Main Arena

Therapy of valvular heart diseases: a patient-centred innovation journey

Join this program if you want:

  • To explore how patients have historically been at the centre of technological development for the unmet needs of treating valvular heart disease
  • To discuss how innovations enable increasingly sophisticated treatment options that an interdisciplinary heart team can tailor to the needs of each patient against the background of a comprehensive lifetime management
  • To deliberate the therapeutic options that are available for patients with progressive or multivalvular heart diseases
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Prof. Bernard Prendergast
St Thomas' Hospital – London, United Kingdom
Prof. Joerg Kempfert
German Heart Centre – Berlin, Germany
Dr. Philippe Genereux
Morristown Medical Center’s – New York, USA
Dr. Victoria Delgado
University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol - Barcelona, Spain
Procedural analyst
Prof. Augusto D’Onofrio
University Hospital of Padua - Italy
First speaker
Prof. Helene Eltchaninoff
University Hospital of Rouen - France
Second speaker
Prof. Fabien Praz
Bern University Hospital - Switzerland
Third speaker
Tuesday 29 November - 11:05-12:35 (UK time) - Room 2

TAVI-in-TAVI - A road map for successful lifetime management

Join this program if you want:

  • To learn that the choice of the first TAVI is crucial when planning the lifetime management of a patient as it has a significant impact on treatment options in the future
  • To understand the challenges that make re-do TAVI so special (so different from TAVI in surgical aortic valve replacement or in native aortic stenosis)
  • To familiarise with a strategy that guides operators through different technical scenarios for the best possible outcomes
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Prof. Hendrik Treede
Heart and Vascular Center - Mainz, Germany
Dr. Daniel Blackman
Yorkshire Heart Centre
Dr. Victoria Delgado
University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol - Barcelona, Spain
Prof. Giuseppe Tarantini
University Hospital of Padua – Padova, Italy
First speaker
Dr. Janarthanan Sathananthan
Vancouver General and St Paul’s
Second speaker
Dr. Francesco Saia
University Hospital of Bologna
Third speaker
Dr. Radoslaw Parma
Medical University of Silesia – Katowice, Poland
Fourth speaker
Prof. Ole de Backer
Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen
Fifth speaker

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