SAPIEN 3 Ultra TAVR/I is the only valve proven superior* to surgery for low-risk sSAS patients at one year.1

With nearly 15 years since its first commercial implant and over 763,000 patients implanted in over 75 countries around the world, the SAPIEN valve platform** provides an unparalleled experience.

*The PARTNER 3 trial provided SAPIEN 3 TAVR is superior to surgery on the primary endpoint of all-cause death, all stroke, and rehospitalization, and multiple pre-qualified secondary endpoints at one year.

**Includes SAPIEN, SAPIEN XT, SAPIEN 3, and SAPIEN 3 Ultra valves

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Designed for the right outcomes.

Designed to facilitate future coronary access

SAPIEN 3 TAVR/I demonstrated a 100% success rate of coronary access following TAVR/I implantation (68/68).2

Designed with purpose for long-term success

The SAPIEN 3 valve has an intra-annular design, low frame height, and open cell geometry.

Providing an effective treatment.

See what the data says about how SAPIEN 3 TAVR/I can help your patients.

Delivered PVL performance in a study of real-world patients

In a study of real-world patients, with less than 0.2% of patients demonstrating moderate to severe PVL at discharge.3

Demonstrated lower risks

The risk of death and disabling stroke is nearly 3 times lower with SAPIEN 3 TAVR/I than with surgery at one year for low-risk patients (1.0% for TAVR vs. 2.9% for surgery).1

Delivered single-digit permanent pacemaker implantation rates

SAPIEN 3 TAVR delivered permanent pacemaker 7.3% compared to 5.4% permanent pacemaker implantation for surgery at discharge for low-risk patients (p=0.21).1

Helping your patients return to the lives they love.

The SAPIEN valve platform* allows for early discharge following treatment, so your patients can more rapidly get back to their normal lives.

*Includes SAPIEN XT, SAPIEN 3, and SAPIEN 3 Ultra



of patients treated with the SAPIEN valve platform are discharged directly home within 1 day following treatment.4*



of patients treated with the SAPIEN valve platform* are discharged directly home within 48 hours after treatment (89.5%).4

*Study includes both SAPIEN 3 and SAPIEN XT.

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